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Saturday August 10
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
What’s counter-shading? How does an oyster eat? Can fish smell? Join the Living Classrooms crew onboard our historic education vessel, Sigsbee as we explore Baltimore Harbor and the Patapsco River! Help the crew raise the sails and navigate the boat. Go trawl fishing, get up close and personal with wildlife, and learn all about the amazing ways the creatures we catch have adapted for an aquatic lifestyle. We’ll also try our hand at catching plankton, examine them under a microscope, and find out why these (sometimes) tiny creatures are among the most important on Earth! Reservations are a must. Visitors with limited mobility will be accommodated as best as we can. Due to its historic design, this Chesapeake Skipjack is not ADA accessible below decks. Any questions? Email Nick Iannacone at shipboard@livingclassrooms.org or call (410) 685-0295 x228
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STEM Sail on Sigsbee 8/10:
Youth Ticket (8-17)
Adult Ticket (18+)

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