Privacy Policy

Living Classrooms maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of our donors. The following is our donor privacy policy, which guides our volunteers and staff on how they may and may not use your personal information while honoring your rights as a contributor.
Living Classrooms collects and uses personal information from donors that includes: name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. In addition, Living Classrooms keeps a record of each donor’s giving history. This information is kept on file for IRS purposes and is also used in our development process to analyze overall giving patterns in order to make accurate budget projections. Living Classrooms does not sell, trade, rent or share names, addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses of our donors. We will use contact information (e-mail, telephone number and address) of donors for these purposes only:

  • Distribute receipts and thank donors for their donations
  • Inform donors about news, upcoming fundraising events and other activities of Living Classrooms
  • Internal analysis and record keeping
  • Reporting to relevant U.S. and State agencies (these reports are not for public inspection)
  • Contact donors about changes to this policy. As a rule, Living Classrooms publicly recognizes a donor by publishing a donor’s name unless the donor explicitly indicates that they would like their donation to be made “anonymous” when making a donation. Properly anonymized donor information can be used for promotional and fundraising activities. If you have questions about this policy or would like to make changes to your contact information, please contact Shannon Fries.


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